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Tee Public Merch

 I am so excited to announce that my Tarot Card Designs are available on Tee Public Link =  So while I continue to design my ultimate tarot deck - my designs live an alter ego life as T-shirts, totes, phone cases, stickers, pillows, tapestries, etc. It's so satisfying to see my work in a new format and I keep all the rights to my work. It's funny, this outlet reaches a new audience and is giving the work a rebirth.  Check it out.
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Making Colorful Wreaths out of old toys and collectibles from my studio

These cold days have me wishing for sun and happier times. This colorful wreath is made from my kids old toys , some dollar store finds and hot pink silk flowers. It makes everyone who knocks on my door smile. Ive turned to making things that lift my spirits and hanging them up or wearing them around my home.  Lots of people are depressed and this is how I am keeping sane. Here's to warmer days when we can all hug!


  The Roswell Works in Clay Holiday Show is opening today. It's that time of year again and we will practice social distancing and only let a select number of folks in at a time. I am working today so come by, say "Hi" and get a leg up on your holiday shopping for all the Artsy Cats in your life.  12/4 - Preview 10 am to 5pm 12/5- 10 am to 8pm 12/6- noon to 5pm 12/11- 10 am to 5pm 12/12- 10 am to 5pm     Art Center West 1355 Woodstock Rd Roswell, GA 30075  

Dinner Parties I dream of...

 So this pandemic has me longing for long late night garden dinner parties with my artsy friends. Since there seems to be no urgency to get art "out" ( two of my galleries have closed due to Covid's restrictions) I have been making work for myself; which is a luxury when you get on the train to make specific art for an audience. I imagined these ladies ( I call Goddesses) to be center pieces on my outdoor tables- all lit up or surrounded with candle light - just watching and listening to the intimate conversations happening around them. The little "fresh" butter dishes would keep perishables safe from any unwanted insects or night air. So I made these creations with the hopes of someday once again enjoying parties with loved ones and hoping this pandemic leaves our planet very soon. Much love to you. -xoxo Nicole "Pink Goddess of Light" 18"h x 19"w x 9"d "Goddess of Protective Energy" 24"h x 18"w x 11' d "Fre

New Gallery Space for Atlanta Street Art Collective

  I haven't posted in quite some time- Ive been sulking under a protective rock like many during this scary pandemic. I worked from my home studio for most of the summer and now feel ready to venture back out to my studio on Atlanta Street and work on larger pieces again. I still do not have a sense of urgency and really felt the affects of this virus on my livelihood. Two of my galleries I showed in went under during this horrible time. The building next to my studio has offered me and my studio mates a space that we can hang our work. The Atlanta Street Gallery is now open at 408 S. Atlanta Street, Roswell Ga 30075. Here is a little walk thru of the show hung this past Friday. I have "up" days and I have "down" days. Depression has been really hard to navigate thru. With true sadness for this world I am trying to keep an optimistic outlook but there is so much grief out there right now and a real lack of humanity towards our fellow human beings. Please be kind

My Haunted Basement

"She Sees Orbs at Night" My opening of "My Haunted Basement" is only two weeks away. By day I'm working my tail off finishing firing the work. By night, I am documenting the process with my personal stories that go along with the work on my new website,  . Follow the journey and ghost investigations and learn about my haunted basement. Join Me on Friday March 13, 2020 from 6pm- 8pm at Roswell Art Center West to witness the thinning of the veil and experience the spirit manifestation 1355 Woodstock Road Roswell, Ga 30075

A Hauntingly Good Time

It was a typical week night when we decided to have a “dance off” in the basement. “Dance Central ” was our go to game of choice to show each other who had the moves. The babysitter was here and she was willing to dance with us on the X-Box 360 kinect.  We kicked off our shoes and made our selection , “Fire on the dance floor” by Sean Kingston. My sister, the babysitter and I began to dance. We stood in our “boxes” that the screen told us to stand in. There are four boxes on the top of the tv screen. No one was able to stand in the first box due to the coffee table sitting in the real time space. So we took boxes 2, 3, and 4. Each of our outlines were illuminated on the screen in our allotted boxes. We each had a different colored outline- no faces visible only our body outlines in our assigned colors. The music started and we began to dance only to be joined by a new outlined figure who was standing in box one’s space. Our outlines were moving and dancing on the screen but this