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My Haunted Basement

My opening of "My Haunted Basement" is only two weeks away. By day I'm working my tail off finishing firing the work. By night, I am documenting the process with my personal stories that go along with the work on my new website, . Follow the journey and ghost investigations and learn about my haunted basement.
Join Me on Friday March 13, 2020 from 6pm- 8pm at Roswell Art Center West to witness the thinning of the veil and experience the spirit manifestation 1355 Woodstock Road Roswell, Ga 30075
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A Hauntingly Good Time

It was a typical week night when we decided to have a “dance off” in the basement. “Dance Central ” was our go to game of choice to show each other who had the moves. The babysitter was here and she was willing to dance with us on the X-Box 360 kinect.
 We kicked off our shoes and made our selection , “Fire on the dance floor” by Sean Kingston. My sister, the babysitter and I began to dance. We stood in our “boxes” that the screen told us to stand in. There are four boxes on the top of the tv screen. No one was able to stand in the first box due to the coffee table sitting in the real time space. So we took boxes 2, 3, and 4. Each of our outlines were illuminated on the screen in our allotted boxes. We each had a different colored outline- no faces visible only our body outlines in our assigned colors. The music started and we began to dance only to be joined by a new outlined figure who was standing in box one’s space. Our outlines were moving and dancing on the screen but this new …

Works in Clay Holiday Show

I'll be working the annual Works in Clay Holiday Show today from 1:30-5pm. Come see some amazing work by many artists and get your holiday shopping done! Two weeks until Christmas and only 5 days left of the show .
Roswell Art Center West
1355 Woodstock RD
Roswell, Ga 30075

Creative Mill Art Exposition

Dropping off these babies and a few more tomorrow to the Creative Mill Art Exposition.  The Opening will be two nights: Oct 10 and 11th from 5-9pm  at the Randall-Paulson Architectual firm in the historic Roswell Mill. I was invited to participate in honor of the National Arts and Humanities Month.  The space is magical and I am thrilled to be apart of the show. Come out and say hello! Historic Roswell Mill 85-A Mill Street Roswell, Ga 30075 770-650-7558

3 deaths and thinking about outer space

It has been a rough summer. I lost three people close to me; family and friends. I am getting back in the saddle and am bringing some new( asked for)  smaller work up to High Country Art in Blue Ridge tomorrow. I have a couple of workshops planned in the fall and have been thinking a lot about outer space lately. Maybe thats why there's some new moons in my latest round of small works.

Clay Opening, New Show, and New Studio...

It's all happening! You ask the universe for some changes and it happens. You just have to believe and work hard!
The Works in Clay Opening was beautiful last night at The Art Center West, in Roswell. We had a good turn out and it runs until May 22- so there is plenty of time to support your "artsy cats".

 Next, I am pleased to announce I got into the "Woof, Meow, Chirp and Slither" Juried Exhibition at Florida Craft Art that opens June 7 and runs thru Aug. 10. So if you are in St. Petersburg, Fl- stop in to see a fun show based on animals we love.

Finally, on another note...Ive been a bit quiet online and on social media lately because I have moved into a fabulous new studio in Historic Roswell, Ga. It is located in The Atlanta Street Art Collective. and there are a total of 10 artists residing there. The space is beautiful and the light is gorgeous! Ive been so busy making work for my shows that Ive moved in the bare essentials. Here i…

Works in Clay Show

Join me Thursday May 16 for the opening of the Spring Works in Clay Show at Art Center West in Roswell, Georgia.
1355 Woodstock Road
Roswell, Ga 30075